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Forest Admin saved us hours of design, development, and maintenance. I can't imagine the tool we'd be using today if we had develop it ourselves.

Thomas Dupont
Web back-end developer at Shadow

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Forest Admin helps hundreds of large enterprises and small startups to manage their data.

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Benefit from a full-featured, customizable SQL GUI in minutes so you can quickly build apps on top of your SQL database

Create a SQL GUI for your database in 5 minutes

Whether you use PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, or others, Forest Admin lets you issue commands via a GUI (or run raw SQL) to manage the data in your SQL database tables.

Create automated workflows for your non technical users to execute SQL queries with just one click on a button in your SQL GUI.

Comprehensive SQL GUI, out-of-the-box

Forest Admin comes with all the built-in features to easily manage, visualize and perform CRUD SQL operations on the data from your SQL database in an easy to use GUI. 

Data manipulation and visualization

Collaboration capabilities

Custom workflows and visualizations

Build a SQL GUI customized to your needs

Forest Admin allows you to filter and segment all groups of records in your database to match exactly what you have in mind.

Custmomize the layout of your GUI, create custom workflows and their buttons, create virtual relationships between your SQL tables.

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These are just examples of how a MySQL admin panel built with Forest Admin can look like


A tailor-made solution built for a car rental company that lets them track, automate, and improve fleet operations.

Financial Services

A highly efficient and secure solution for fintech companies that lets them monitor transactions, detect fraud, and perform KYC operations.

How it works

Ready to go in four simple steps

Forest Admin How It Works Schema Install


It is quick and hassle-free to get started. Connect your datasource, sit back, and let Forest Admin generate two main components: an admin backend REST API for all your data models and business logic, and an admin frontend with a user interface and project settings.
Forest Admin never sees your data, we only host and manage the front-end.

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Forest Admin How It Works Schema Customize


Everything you get in your admin panel is customizable: use plain SQL or your favourite language (JavaScript or Ruby) to extend the admin backend and implement your business logic, and customize your UI using the no-code layout editor, all through a simple click of a button.

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Forest Admin How It Works Schema Deploy


Deploy your admin backend to your favorite Cloud Service Provider (e.g. Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, AWS, DigitalOcean) on your own custom domain, and create as many environments as you need in Forest Admin to handle QA, staging, production. Each admin backend instance gets its own frontend/UI.

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Forest Admin How It Works Schema Deploy


What's good about an internal tool if you're the only one using it? Now that you deployed, configure roles and permissions, create teams and lastly, invite all your teammates on board.

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Forest Admin Icon Business Grade Security

Business-grade security

With scalability comes great responsibility. In order to meet all our clients’ needs, we provide a business-grade level of security, including features such as enforced 2FA, IP whitelisting, and more.

Forest Admin Icon Data Privacy

Data privacy and security at the core

Data privacy is a must for any kind of business. Your data runs through the admin API hosted on your servers, all the way to your end-user browser, while remaining completely invisible to our Forest Admin servers.

Forest Admin Icon Industry Standards

Industry standard
certifications of our clients

Forest Admin Feature Image Certificates

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