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Forest Admin Release Notes: February 2024

Curious about our latest product releases? Here is what we launched in February 2024 🥳 and what we are going to launch soon 🤫

Forest Admin Release Notes: February 2024

This month we're coming with some big news: The first one is for Forest Admin Cloud users: It is now possible to add custom actions, charts, fields, and relationships. It makes Forest Admin Cloud the only SaaS admin panel solution that gives access to the underlying code! Then, we're thrilled to announce the release of another highly anticipated feature - Inbox - allowing automatic routing of records to your operators. We guarantee it is a game-changer for every team working with Forest Admin, especially when handling customer support-related tasks. Additionally, let's take a quick look at the user authentication capabilities of Forest Admin, and the case study from Swan - the European fintech and innovation leader in embedded finance that has chosen Forest Admin as a tool to run its operations.

Let's dive in 👇

As you know, creating a universal admin panel tailor-made for businesses of any size, maturity, or technical complexity has been our mission since the beginning of the company. Today, after months of intense work, we are extremely proud to officially release the updated architecture of Forest Admin Cloud.

Forest Admin Cloud provides the freedom and flexibility of an in-house build, along with the simplicity and accessibility of a SaaS platform. It is the only SaaS solution that grants access to the underlying code, enabling you to customize an auto-generated admin panel to fulfil your unique business needs. Watch this video to learn more 👇

Introducing Inbox: Automatically route records to your operators

Inbox is a new - and mighty - addition to the collaboration tools on Forest Admin. In short, it lets managers define how to automatically route records to operators for better efficiency and productivity, eliminating the guesswork of what to choose. Inbox is seamlessly integrated with your admin panel, user data, and privacy settings, and it gives you customizable dispatch rules (from the newest to the oldest, from the oldest to the newest, or random) in order to display only the relevant records to operators and make sure that only one person is assigned to the record. No more manual task assignment, cherry-picking, and duplicated tickets. You asked for it, and we made it!

Forest Admin Inbox feature

Inbox is now available for a limited number of users, and you can be one of them. Just drop us a line and tell us you are interested. You only need to have a project on a Pro or an Enterprise plan.

Take advantage of SSO and SCIM

Although user access management with Single Sign-On (SSO) and System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) have been available on Forest Admin for quite a long time, in case you haven't been fully aware about these essential security features, we wanted to highlight their significance once again. We remain dedicated to providing a secure environment for your data and are continually striving to enhance our security measures.

Forest Admin log in page

SSO makes it easier to access an admin panel by letting users log in with just one set of credentials. This not only reduces the hassle of remembering multiple passwords but also lowers the security risks. On top of that, Forest Admin supports SCIM, which automates user setup and makes sure that identity management is consistent across different systems and apps.

Both SSO and SCIM are available on Pro and Enterprise plans. Read more.

Case Study: Swan

Swan uses Forest Admin

Interviewing happy customers is what we like most. And recently we had a chance to talk to Swan - the European fintech and innovation leader in embedded finance with an ambition to make banking operations so smooth that clients barely notice them. As a licensed financial institution regulated by the ACPR, Swan needed a flexible, robust, and reliable admin panel to run its operations smoothly and securely. Here is what they say about Forest Admin:

Forest Admin helped overcome all the challenges, and we were particularly happy with the quality of the support, the uptime, and the resilience of the solution. We went from 10 users to around 100 and are still very satisfied with Forest Admin’s flexibility.

🤫  Coming soon

This is only the beginning of what you will be able to achieve with our Inbox feature. We will soon release a special view for managers to allow them to verify operators' performance and KPIs. A double dispatch rule is also coming soon, allowing to implement your own priority system.

In addition, several improvements to forms and approval workflows are coming to give you even more flexibility and improve team work.

Stay tuned!

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