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Forest Admin Release Notes: December 2023

As we've already said goodbye to 2023 and hello to 2024, we'd like to share with you our end-of-year product update of the most important features we launched and improvements we made.

Forest Admin Release Notes: December 2023

Happy New Year!

As we've already said goodbye to 2023 and hello to 2024, we'd like to share with you our end-of-year product update of the most important features we launched and improvements we made. But before we start, we'd like to thank you for being a part of the Forest Admin community and for all the suggestions you’ve shared over the last year. In fact, most of our new features have been requested by users like you. Thank you!

And now, let's dive into the recap 👇

☁️ Forest Admin is available on Cloud

We've always believed that getting an admin panel doesn't have to be time-consuming. But last year we brought this concept to the next level, allowing you to generate a fully functional admin panel in a few seconds.

All you need is a database URI. Just create a new project and connect your data base to instantly generate your admin panel. This interactive tutorials shows step-by-step how to create a customise your project. Click on arrows in the top navbar  ⬅️➡️ or on text fields to go to the next steps.

🐍 🌶️ 🐈‍⬛ 📊 Numerous new integrations are now available

Our library of supported tech stacks is continuously growing, and you might have missed some of the launches, such as Forest Admin for Django, Laravel, Symfony, Flask, Nest.js, MariaDB, Supabase, Neon and Metabase.

🧩 Workspaces: Build your custom interfaces

Even if you are already familiar with Workspaces, you should check out this video interview with our client, Collective.Work, to see how they made Forest Admin the central app for all operations by centralizing user data, actions, and the internal knowledge base on one screen.

The result? Up to 40% of time saved on new user onboarding!

Qonto's Operations Team is also a heavy Workspace user. This video shows how they managed to improve productivity by 20% while dealing with highly complex and strictly regulated operations. A must-watch!

With Workspaces you can build anything you need. An onboarding flow, a KYC flow, transactions monitoring app, a customer finder app... Go to this tutorial to see how.

🚀 Bring thousands of automations to your admin panel thanks to Zapier, n8n, and Make

💡 This feature is only available for Forest Admin Cloud. It is also possible to add Zapier, Make, and n8n  workflows via hebhooks using smart actions but the process is different and requires coding skills. Read more in the documentation.

We are particularly proud of the integration with Zapier, n8n, and Make that allows to bring thousands of automations to your admin panel.

Imagine launching a workflow for new user onboarding or invoice management with the click of a button. The possibilities are endless!

If you need inspiration we have two blog posts to help you get started.

✅ Revamped approval workflows

Approval workflows are a feature used by many of you, especially managers who need to approve actions triggered by team members, such as allowing significant refunds or exporting user data.

We've just improved the way they work and look based on your feedback. Watch this video to learn how to get the most out of this feature 👇

📄  More flexibility in smart action forms

💡 This feature is only available for the new agent Node.js, and it requires coding skills. If you need help with setting it up, ask your admin or a developer.

Action forms are crucial for smart actions, allowing users to input information before taking action. For example, users may need to provide a reason for blocking a user or canceling a subscription. Various widgets specify how the input is displayed, making daily operations easier for users.

Forest Admin Action Form example

This year, based on your feedback, we released several new widgets that make all of that easier for you and your team mates. The entire list of widgets is here.

🇫🇷 🍷 Live events is Paris

Finally, last year we organized our first event after a long break. In November, we met at Qonto's office to discuss how to maximize the efficiency of CS teams. In December, how AI makes an impact on Customer Operations.  Seeing so many of our users and partners in person was a great experience we can't wait to repeat. In the meantime, you can watch the recordings of both events.

That's all, folks! If you'd like to talk to us about your project and get a personalized tour through the new (and old) features, please feel free to contact us.

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