Forest Admin for Startups

Welcome to Forest Admin for Startups, a specialized program designed to help early-stage companies accelerate their growth and streamline their operations.

Join our program to access a range of benefits aimed at enhancing your development and empowering you to scale your business.

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Key Program Features

1- Discounted Access to Forest Admin

Enjoy a 50% discount on our Pro Plan for the first year. As part of Forest Admin Accelerate, you'll get complimentary access to our platform, allowing you to create robust admin panels and dashboards.

As your startup grows, take advantage of exclusive discounts on premium plans, ensuring that Forest Admin remains a cost-effective solution.

2- Dedicated Support

Benefit from a dedicated support team that's available to guide you, answer your questions, and resolve any technical issues.

3- Training and Onboarding

We offer comprehensive training sessions and onboarding programs to ensure a quick and effective integration of Forest Admin into your projects. This includes workshops, webinars, and detailed documentation.

4- Access to New Features and Beta Programs

Stay ahead with exclusive access to our latest features and beta programs, giving you the opportunity to leverage cutting-edge tools in your projects.

5- Networking and Community

Connect with other startup founders, share insights, and learn from each other through our vibrant online community.

6- Co-Marketing Opportunities

Collaborate with Forest Admin on marketing initiatives, co-author content, and participate in joint webinars to increase your startup's visibility and reach a wider audience.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for Forest Admin Accelerate, your startup must:

Be part of one of our Startup Partners' Ecosystems.

Demonstrate a genuine need for an admin panel or dashboard solution.

Commit to actively using Forest Admin in your projects.

Apply now

Startup teams interested in joining Forest Admin Accelerate can apply through our simple online application process. Once accepted, you'll gain immediate access to the program's exclusive benefits.