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E-commerce Management

Forest Admin's comprehensive e-commerce solution can streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and provide a better customer experience. With our customizable interfaces and dashboards, you can easily manage inventory, orders, and customer data in real-time while seamlessly integrating with other software systems.

At Forest Admin, we're committed to tailoring our solution to meet your unique requirements. Whether you need customized interfaces, workflow optimization, or software integration, our team will work with you to create a solution that fits your business needs and help your e-commerce business thrive.

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Use cases
E-commerce management business

With Forest Admin it has become extremely easy to moderate our customer base. Now we can see and modify all our data in real time straight from our admin panel.

Stefan Dorresteijn, CTO at Sjauf
Sjauf (incidents management)
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E-commerce features you can see in this demo:

E-commerce - Smart Actions

Smart Actions

Empower your team to perform custom, predefined tasks directly from the platform, such as sending personalized promotional emails or updating order statuses, streamlining your E-commerce operations and improving overall efficiency.

E-commerce – Segments


Organize customers and products based on their status (active, inactive, backordered, out of stock...)

E-commerce – Summary View

Summary View

Access comprehensive information about your customers and orders, and efficiently manage actions from a single, unified view.

E-commerce – Smart View

Smarty View

In the Order Verification table, you can verify the consistency between database information and order details, monitor the backlog of unprocessed orders, and save time by reducing the number of clicks required.

E-commerce – Widgets


Utilize the rich text editor to showcase a customer information card, employ the file picker for uploading product images, and easily edit, rotate, and crop the uploaded files as needed.

E-commerce – Explorer


Effortlessly browse your linked collections, navigating through your products from the categories or brands collection.

E-commerce - Activity Logs

Activity logs

Monitor actions performed on an order or by another user, ensuring transparency and accountability within your E-commerce system.

E-commerce – Notes


Collaborate with other team members on an order to discuss and address order-related concerns or issues.

E-commerce – Approval Workflows

Approval Workflows

Enhance security by implementing approval workflows to authorize specific actions (such as processing a refund), ensuring proper oversight and compliance.

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