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The property management admin tool for your company

Discover how Forest Admin provides real estate and property companies with the admin tools to deliver the best services.

No matter if your company is building, utilizing, selling, renting or managing property, you need to adopt emerging technology to leverage customer-experience-enhancing benefits and expand your business scope by breaking traditional limitations. Digital agility is key to meeting the forces in the real estate market effectively. This requires building resilient and flexible operating models that need a powerful and tailored admin panel.

If your business is part of the shift towards technology-enhanced property management, Forest Admin can help you improve your key business metrics, such as decreasing your time to market, decreasing your set-up costs and increase your operational efficiency.

What value does Forest Admin bring to real estate and property companies?

A big part of a company's success will reside in its ability to execute faster and better than others. In a fully dematerialized service, internal tools developed towards customer's operations will play a key role in helping you achieve operational excellence.

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Gear up your operational teams

with the admin tools they deserve without wasting time developing it

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Give autonomy to your teams

with an admin panel tailored to your operational needs and 100% customizable UI

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Scale your operations

without making any compromise on your administrative efficiency


Here's a selection of a few use cases for which our real estate and property clients use Forest Admin the most

Forest Admin Listing Icon

Property Listing

Forest Admin List Icon

List your properties

Forest Admin Segments Icon

Segment per account manager

Forest Admin Attention Icon

Prioritize correctly

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Deep-dive in your listings

Having an overview of all the properties on your platform is of key importance to structure your business for success.

Thanks to Forest Admin, you can easily see all your company's properties in a visually attractive way that makes sense, including pictures, location, price and margin. You can search these records and segment them into workflows for the responsible account managers. You can also simply filter them to correctly prioritize the work at hand.

Forest Admin allowed me to gain valuable development time, which allowed me to focus more energy on my customer-facing product. It took me literally 1 min to set up Forest Admin on Pillow and I don’t have to worry about maintaining my admin anymore.

Daniel Palumbo, CTO at Pillow

Features required

Forest Admin Calendar icon

Smart Views

Forest Admin Segments icon

Smart Segments

Forest Admin Summary icon

Summary Views

Forest Admin Screen Representing Property Listing
Forest Admin Analytics Icon

Property Analytics

Forest Admin Search Icon

Deep-dive into analytics

Forest Admin pPrcent Icon

Adapt the price

For your teams to reach operational excellence, they need to be able to deep-dive into your assets and understand in one second how they are performing.

Thanks to Forest Admin, an account manager can, with the click of a button, learn all there is to know about a record and its history, using the Analytics per Record in the admin panel. Having the critical data present at one glance in your admin panel, will enable your account managers to make smarter data-driven decisions.

Features required

Forest Admin Analytics icon

Analytics at record level

Forest Admin Segments icon

Smart Segments

Forest Admin Screen Representing Property Analytics
Forest Admin Onboarding Icon

Property Onboarding

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Smooth, comprehensive and customer-centric onboarding of new properties of landlords on your platform is essential to growing your longer-term stay business.

Thanks to Forest Admin, the operational flow of your onboarding process can become a lot easier to track. Using a Smart View, it becomes child's play to visualize the different onboarding steps. Once the administrative part is done, dossiers automatically appear in the respective column. Then an account executive books a meeting with the landlord, after which he is made an offer.

With Forest Admin, we very quickly built an onboarding flow for our new customers that streamlines the process and ensures that we have all the data required.

Andrew Snead, Founding Engineer at Lyvly

Features required

Forest Admin Calendar icon

Smart Views

Forest Admin Feather icon

Approval Workflow

Forest Admin Zap icon

Smart Actions

Forest Admin Screen Representing Property Onboarding
Forest Admin Visits Icon

Property Visits

Forest Admin Calendar Icon

Set-up visit

Forest Admin Lists Icon

Report during visit

Forest Admin Bell Icon

Follow-up on visit

Ensuring your customers receive what they were expecting is of fundamental importance for your customer satisfaction.

Thanks to Forest Admin, coordinating on-site visits to for instance photograph or film the property becomes extremely easy. With the Smart Calendar View and actionable checklists, all visits and their results immediately become part of your admin. This way the coordination costs of your visits decreases significantly.

With the Forest Admin Smart Calendar View it has become so much easier to have a clear overview of all the visits our different team members have scheduled. This used to be a real pain-point before switching to the Forest Admin Panel.

Sebastien Lagesse, Chief Product Officer at Homeloop

Features required

Forest Admin Calendar icon

Smart Views

Forest Admin Summary icon

Summary View

Forest Admin Zap icon

Smart Actions

Forest Admin Screen Representing Property Visit
Forest Admin Admin Management Icon

Property Management

Coordinating all the efforts and services that make up your operationally intense business model, requires a lot of time and resources.

Thanks to Forest Admin Admin, you will have the right platform to easily keep track of your third-party services, schedule key handovers, and foresee time slots for cleaning purposes, all straight from your admin panel. All this to ensure that you deliver the best experience to your customers in the most efficient way.

Features required

Forest Admin Admin Summary icon

Summary Views

Forest Admin Admin Segments icon

Smart Segments

Forest Admin Admin Zap icon

Smart Actions

Forest Admin Admin Screen Representing Property Managemement
Forest Admin Collaboration Icon

Collaboration Features

Forest Admin List Icon

List for review

Forest Admin check Icon

Approve/Reject decision

Close collaboration has gained enormous momentum in this people-driven industry.

Thanks to Forest Admin, it is very easy to set up workflows involving multiple people with different responsibilities, using Team Based Permissions. With the Approval Workflow in place, changes on your platform that impact your business heavily have to be approved by management before going live. For improved coordination and accountability, you can also easily leave notes for one another, and search the audit trail for changes.

Thanks to the collaboration features and activity trail, responsibilities and accountability have become a lot more clear. Before we started using the Forest Admin Panel this was very difficult to handle.

Simon Powell, Operations Director at Lyvly

Features required

Forest Admin Check icon

Approval Workflow

Forest Admin List icon

Activity Log

Forest Admin Users icon

Team based permissions

Forest Admin Screen Representing Team Creation